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Published: 08th October 2012
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A lot is said about Maldives from tourism point of view. There is enough web literature on its breathtaking natural beauty, gorgeous sea and ambiance of resorts and holiday homes Maldives. But not much has been reflected on its culture, capital or, to state simply, Maldives way of life. So, let’s focus on the less discussed part that could help while vacationing on new shores.


Every country has a capital and this island nation is no different. Interestingly, there are a number of things that would catch your attention in the initial hours of reaching Maldives capital, Male. The very first thing would be its size; unlike other capitals, it is not vast but still it houses one third of the Maldives population. The roads are narrow and heavy vehicles have a hard time passing through them. Another peculiar thing about the capital is that it has no beaches; there are seawalls that surround the whole capital. Friday Mosque, Islamic Centre and local fish market are worth a watch.


Geographical location of Maldives has been luring traders and visitors alike for a long time as it is located in the middle of Indian Ocean trading route. Thus, the culture of Maldives could be stated to be influenced by visitors. Physical anatomies of the inhabitants of the region noticeably reflect the features of different races. Dhivehi is the most widely spoken language in the region, though there are a number of popular dialects too. As food, Maldives people love fried fish, fish curry and fish soup and to quaff, Raa is the local special. When looking for Maldives holiday packages, do make sure the website provides enough insights into the culture and related aspects.


Maldives is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year and is the main reason vacationers reach the country from different parts of the world. Temperature mostly tiptoe around 30 degree Celsius and sun gives just enough warmth required to relax beneath it. January to March mainly forms the dry season while mid-May to November welcomes the wet season. Clouds turn gray when rare thunderstorms arrive giving the delight of walking in the rain holding hands with beloved.


Reaching Maldives from the airport is equally fun. Being an island nation, there are no traffic choked roads and honking cabs. One can reach his/her desired accommodation venue by either using speed boat or a sea plane. While both come with different share of advantages, it is advised to take a sea plane if one’s destination is located somewhere afar. And in addition to that, one would also have a splendid aerial view of simply beautiful islands.

While above mentioned were some of the important aspect of Maldives, choosing specialty holidays brings different experiences from the nation. For instance, Maldives diving holidays introduces vacationers with the underwater world of corals, reefs and sea life. Underwater photographers visit Maldives occasional to capture its beauty in their lens.

In the same way, liveaboard charter Maldives brings alive a different world of luxury holidays. So, we can conclude that there are a number of ways to explore Maldives and every inch of it is worth it.
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