Benefits of Automated Display Systems for Medium and Large Businesses

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Published: 16th October 2012
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No doubt large businesses have huge financial resources and advertising budget of millions but this doesn’t mean they don’t care where they spend their money. With so many avenues of investment open to them, big players too continuously look for ways to control their costs. Considering huge money is spent on advertising, a number of global brands have started to seriously think about display advertisements as part their advertising policy. This change has come because of the benefits and advantages on offer. Here are some of them;

Option of running multiple campaigns

Big firms have multiple product lines and they undertake promotional activities for near about all of them. Running separate advertising campaigns on television or radio bites away a large share of money. By making use of digital billboards on the other hand, a company can run multiple campaigns at different time slots. For instance, if a company has to promote school accessories on a highway leading to multiple schools, time slots of morning and afternoon can serve best. Evening time can be used some other products.

Video and animation capabilities

Display systems nowadays are technologically very advanced and also come with video & animation capabilities. Through LED displays, a company can easily communicate with customer base through videos. Big firms can also make such displays part of their promotional campaigns running on television. Such displays are much more impactful than traditional billboards as they can hold eye of the viewer for longer periods.

Technological advantages

LED display sign and screens have a number of advantages over traditional advertising mediums. Unlike traditional banners, one doesn’t have to hire a firm to upkeep and change advertisements. Through software or management systems, one can easily control all the displays scattered in vast territories. This is a cost saving factor that technology brings. In case one chooses to buy from a market leader, then, one also doesn’t have to worry about installation and maintenance.

Effective advertisement

Big brands spend millions on television advertisements but often complain that it is nowadays getting harder to leave a lasting impression amongst hundreds of advertisements. Scrolling LED sign and electronic billboards does away with the drawback as the platform advertises only company’s product or service. This leads to effective communication and chances of conversion through the channel increase.

Decision regarding runtime of the advertisements is also in the hands of the business. So, with longer runtimes, impact of the advertisement is also bigger.

The trend of display advertising is catching up and there is huge demand but medium and large players wish to partner with a firm that can render solutions as per their requirements. Such players also want the installation and maintenance aspects to be taken care of. This eliminates smaller display solution providers and leaves only seasoned firms like AD Systems.

The firm has gained popularity through its total “systems” approach that takes care of everything from image design to product engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

AD Systems has been active in the digital display business for more than three decades and perhaps that is why it is trusted by small as well big organizations alike for advertising solutions.

AD Systems deals in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing automated display systems. It has been in displays LED business for more than three decades and is known for its total “systems” approach.Content Source :

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